My take in ten sentences or less:

Kill Cliff is pretty awesome. It’s got anti-inflammatory and energy-boosting ingredients that will aid in recovery after a tough workout and on top of that it tastes great, too. For you soda addicts out there, Kill Cliff is lightly carbonated and slightly sweetened so you can get your sweet fizzy fix in a healthier way. Carbonation not your thing? And/or dislike the taste of stevia? Then you probably won’t enjoy it. Otherwise, grab a can and drink it down before, after or during your workout.

What’s in it:

Full disclosure, I’m not a pharmacist so I had to do a bit of online research to find an analysis of the ingredients in each can of Kill Cliff. However, we all know how factual things on the internet can be so please keep that in mind as well. My suggestion is to try the drink and see if it works for you.

You can check out the in-depth ingredient breakdown >here.

Want to learn more about Kill Cliff? Check out their website >here.