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Easy sweet potato pancakes with greek yogurt topping. Also great for in-between meals and post-workout snack.

1 Serving
CALORIES 336; FAT 12g; PROTEIN 25g; CARB 34g (roughly)

1 Med sweet potato (cooked)
2 eggs
Cinnamon, all spice & nutmeg for taste. (optional)

Yogurt topping
1/4c greek yogurt
1 tbsp honey

Step 1: mash, mash, mash the sweet potato
Step 2: beat, beat, beat in eggs (without shells)
Step 3: add, add, add spices (optional)
Step 4: cook batter on hot griddle like regular pancakes

Step 1: mix yogurt and honey
Step 2: slap it on the pancakes like it owes you money
Step 3: eat money. make gains.