2018 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships

On an international stage that featured the Circus Dumbbell, Fatback Farmers Carry, H-Stone Carry, and the Stone over Bar, our coach, Chad Wilde, squared off against strongman athletes from all over the world at the 2018 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships. Ultimately he finished 20th in his division and has plans to return in

Product Spotlight: Oatmega Bar

My take in ten sentences or less: Oatmega bars are delicious. I single-handedly scarfed down half a box before snapping out of my chocolate mint crisp induced stupor. As an added bonus, there's enough fiber and protein in each bar to make each one a fulfilling and good-for-you snack. Oh, and did I mention the Omega-3's? Each bar

Product Spotlight: Kill Cliff

My take in ten sentences or less: Kill Cliff is pretty awesome. It’s got anti-inflammatory and energy-boosting ingredients that will aid in recovery after a tough workout and on top of that it tastes great, too. For you soda addicts out there, Kill Cliff is lightly carbonated and slightly sweetened so you can get your sweet fizzy