John Ding

CEO/Head Instructor | CPPS Certified

John is the founder of Kinitro Fitness and has a wealth of experience in the fitness industry. He has worked with a wide range of people from absolute beginners to D1 athletes. It is his belief that “fitness” is as much a mental construct as it is a physical one. In other words, the actual desire to get up and move is just as important as the act itself. Whether it is with clients or his fellow trainers, John’s sole purpose at Kinitro is to make those around him better.

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Chad Wilde

Strongman/Instructor | NASM Certfied

As a strongman athlete and Kinesiology student, Chad Wilde brings a unique combination of theory and application to the gym which is on regular display during the classes and workshops he teaches. Chad hopes to one day hoist the World’s Strongest Man trophy over his head and trains tirelessly to attain his goal. His dedication and knowledge add to the straightforward no-nonsense atmosphere of the gym.

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Julie Phommasak

Instructor | NPTI Certified

Always on a quest for more knowledge, Julie constantly seeks to reinvent herself to better help her clients. She is currently in the process of becoming a licensed massage therapist to do just that. In her spare time she loves competing in events that challenge her physically and mentally, including participating in multiple GoRuck challenges and most recently qualifying for Strongman Nationals in 2017. When she’s not finding new ways to challenge herself or her clients, you can probably find her at the nearest pizza joint or at the dog park with her dogs.

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